Buy broadfork ‘Grelinette’ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 forged steel teeth (garden and farm) for sale

The 14mm Diameter Powerful Aerobêche Grelinette for sale. It’s a sustainable purchase! Quality and price in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 teeth. Here is where to buy a grelinette for your garden or your farm.

The steel broadfork « grelinette » is forged by a French blacksmith. So if you are looking for where to buy a grelinette, this quality tool is available in Brittany Plaisible gardenery, but also by mail in our online store. The shipping of your purchase is also done by Chronopost for all Europe in classic version or with hoop. A digging fork very good value for a sustainable purchase. Available in 3 teeth, 4 teeth, 5 teeth, 6 teeth, 7 teeth, 8 teeth and 9 teeth without or with hoop for garden or farm.

Orders are shipped by Chronopost right now! All grelinettes are in stock unless otherwise stated in the price table at the bottom of this page.

Grelinette type aerospace

Photo of the aerated spit grelinettes. Models 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 teeth available with or without hoop.

Our grelinettes are forged in a magano-siliceous steel.  Their 14 mm thick curved teeth  , the largest diameter on the market, have a depth of 25 cm . Thus this aerobeach is a very solid and resistant tool for many years. The spacing between the teeth is 11 centimeters.

Air the soil without mixing the soil layers and break the clods

Without digging or plowing, giving air to the soil and therefore to the organisms that live in it allows them to provide the air they need to develop in good conditions. Thus, a compact and heavy soil will become progressively fertile thanks to the combined contributions of air and organic matter . This is the recipe for soil aggradation.

Thanks to this  professional and robust and efficient grelinette , the work of the earth becomes simple and fast . An ecological and organic digging fork that works well to enrich the soil over time.

The grelinette, a practical, effective tool that preserves the back of the gardener or market gardener

Derived from the grelinette , these tools, which are called « fork-to-tail », « bio-spade », « biofork », « actibêche », « aerobêche » make it possible to work the soil quickly while stirring and aerating the soil without turning it over. and especially with little effort.

Having back pain or spending a lot of time digging the garden will be a thing of the past. To think that the tiller is not obligatory is 

The video of the forge in the newspaper of 13h on TF1

Video of the shift to the TF1 newscast at 1 pm, presented by Jean-Pierre Pernaut.
I think the video is not visible on mobile phones and tablets, I’m sorry.

A beautiful highlight of the work of French manufacture grelinettes forge of the Black Mountain by this blacksmith cutter. This guarantees you quality work. Jean-Luc Bonaventure is attesting to this by placing an oval green sticker on the tools.

Toothed forearm gristlet tooth for 8.5 cm

Toothed forearm grelinette teeth on 8.5 cm

This video dates a little now. Since early 2016, the 14 mm diameter teeth of the aerobrack (as named in the report) are now forged on 10 cm on all four sides for good penetration into the ground .

A tool delivered with quality handles

The ash handles of this solid garden tool are also quality with a bulge at the grip . The cones of the bushings in which they engage are long enough for a good transmission of the lever effect without risk of breakage. These are sleeves of good density and beautiful finish . I give you your grelinette with sleeves that I tested on your tool and then I sand them for a nice touch.


A grelinette with hoop (optional)

grelinette with bow

Grelinette with hoop available from 3 to 7 teeth.

For very compact and clay soils, the gardener will want to shake the tool from right to left to break the clods. This movement requires physical strength. To facilitate this oscillation, an arch is available as an optionon this aero fork.

A personal remark. The passage of this tool in the soil of your vegetable garden aims to aerate the earth and not to return it . The use of an arch is therefore not an obligation to obtain an effective result.

I recommend the version with arch rather for the land containing roots of quackgrass or bindweed . The hoop thus allows to raise the earth higher to leave the longest possible roots. If you want to move a plant, this tool with hoop will allow you to have a bigger lever.

Finishing this ecological digging fork

A  black painting of presentation  is applied on your grelinette. It will go with time to the teeth and the bar where you put your feet.

The sleeves are raw (unvarnished) . You can apply a mixture of turpentine and linseed oil for better preservation over the years.

You can join the sleeves with the aero spade with a screw or tip  to your at your convenience. It is better to make a prehole not to split the wood of the handle.

Above all, this is not a fork made in China to have a cheap grelinette that may bend quickly, but a beautiful tool forged and tempered in France with quality steel .

Effective and beneficial tillage

The purpose of plowing is soil weeding, mineralization, and allowing faster warming in the spring . But the passage of a plow in a field where the digging by turning the earth in a kitchen garden raises the seeds. Thus, there will be less  lighting of new seeds of « weeds » that would have the effect of lifting their dormancy and thus put them in a germination situation.

By passing the grelinette, the micro-organisms of surface and those of depth remain each in their place. The roots of « weeds » are separated from the soil and a simple passage of croc or rake can pick them up  without stooping.

Aeration of the soil will allow over the years to « manufacture » and improve your land through the supply of oxygen in the soil which promotes soil life and therefore its fertility.

Personal experience and opinion

I own a grelinette since 2008. When we built our ecological home in 2007 the land had been roughed up by the yard. The earth is very clayey and compact. This is the only tool I could drive into the ground, dancing on it to get it back. This allowed me to make the soil fertile and loose, but also to dig up big stones, to make the planting holes of my trees, and to move some of them …

My boys and my daughter use a small galvanized child’s grelinette .

Do not hesitate to show this tool (still too little known) to your family and your neighbors. Why not even put it on renting tool rental sites or put an ad on LeBonCoin. This allows for meetings and exchanges of seeds, and maybe even to bring back some money.😉

Prices of grelinettes for sale according to the model

This grelinette-type aerospace is available for purchase in 3 teeth, 4 teeth, 5 teeth with or without hoop. Similarly for grelinettes in 6 teeth, 7 teeth, 8 teeth and 9 teeth versions are often chosen by professional market gardeners . For each of the models for sale in our shop, or by mail order, both runs are of course included in the selling price .

3 teeth
127 € ttc
3 teeth with hoop
145 € ttc
4 teeth
138 € ttc
4 teeth with hoop
154 € ttc
5 teeth
149 € ttc
5 teeth with hoop
168 € ttc
6 teeth
164 € ttc
6 teeth with hoop
185 € ttc
7 teeth
179 € ttc
7 teeth with hoop
202 € ttc
8 teeth
197 € ttc
9 teeth
219 € ttc

If you are unsure about the number of teeth, I write an article that brings some element of choice for people who hesitate between a grelinette 4 teeth and 5 teeth. .


When you make a craftsman work, you buy more than just a service.Caution

As I only work with artisans, the production is quality, but not necessarily in large quantities.

Also I urge you not to wait until the last moment to buy your tool because there may be stockouts per moment in the year …

Point of sale tips for buying your grelinette

The number of teeth to choose depends on the nature of your soil as well as the  physical strength of the gardener or the width of the permanent hump of market gardening. It is a tool that you will keep for many years.

Often sought after by retirees who want to buy an efficient and conservative grelinette, this tool also appeals to young people motivated to grow vegetables respecting the land and its environment. Anniversary and retirement occasions are good reasons to offer this beautiful ecological gift for an organic garden .

So if you look for where to buy a grelinette

I welcome you with pleasure in our store workshop, if you have the opportunity to make a trip to the tip Breton , come test yourself. The different grelinettes are available in our point of sale. This will allow you to make an opinion before buying. So you choose the number of teeth you need and the version with or without hoop .  (Shipping throughout Europe possible).