Broadfork ‘Grelinette’ for sale 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 tine forged steel tool for use in garden/market garden

Our Wide Fork is a beautiful quality handmade tool, with 14mm diameter forged steel tines. Two different styles are available for sale, the classic model or our arched version. Both models, classic and arched, can be purchased exclusively from us with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 tines.

grelinette à fourche française
Our French broadfork tool for sale in the UK, Ireland, Germany and across Europe

Our broadfork, (sometimes written as “broad fork tool”), is a beautiful, hand crafted quality tool made here in the Brittany region located in the northwest of France. A unique robust tool, which we have named “La Plaisible”. Forged by hand with 14 mm steel hardened tines, built to last a truly sustainable purchase !

All of our broadforks can be used with any of our quality wooden handles, which are turned from ash trees so ensure strength, and durability. Handles are available in 3 lengths starting at 110 mm, mid range 120 mm or our longest handle measuring 130 mm. Every handle is hand selected and fitted to size dependent on the broadfork model and handle length purchased.

Our large range of models is designed to give you the most flexible range of options for purchasing the most appropriate broadfork tool and handle combination for your requirements. For example your height, physical strength, and the intended usage. From growers of vegetables, fruits and plants for a wide variety of requirements, e.g. vegetable gardens, allotments, through to and including professional usage.

Unique selling points for our Broadfork (Grelinette “La Plaisible”)

Large range of broadforks with different options CLASSIC : 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 tines versions are available. ARCHED : 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 tines versions are also available in the arched model. The arch provides more lift, and allows for an exaggerated side movement for breaking tough clods, for heavily compacted, or clay soil . In addition, the arch can be used together with the crossbar for distributing foot pressure when working for extended periods. IMPORTANT:- the CLASSIC and ARCHED models are equally strong, the arch simply permits certain movements to be performed differently.

Les dents de notre fourche large sont forgées et façonnées dans notre forge à gaz.  Ils seront ensuite trempés et trempés pour donner à l'acier toutes ses qualités.
The tines of our broadfork are forged and shaped in our gas forge. They will then be tempered, and hardened to ensure. the fabrication of a quality forged finish steel.

Fabrication Specifications Working depth : 30 cm measurement from the bottom of the crossbar to the end point of the tine. Tines : 14 mm diameter forged steel, (the thickest available on the market), to ensure maximum resistance and avoid frustrating breakages. Spacing : 11 cm spacing between tines to allow maximum efficiency. Quality : A handcrafted tool solid tool made with pride, made to last. Handles : Made from ash, available in 3 lengths starting at 110 mm, 120 mm or 130 mm. Fitted to size by hand, and sanded to perfection.

  • 2 tines: tine spacing 11 cm. Working width ~19cm. (new)
  • 3 tines: tine spacing 22 cm. Working width ~30cm.
  • 4 tines: tine spacing 33 cm. Working width ~41cm.
  • 5 tines: tine spacing 44 cm. Working width ~52cm.
  • 6 tines: tine spacing 55 cm. Working width ~63cm.
  • 7 tines: tine spacing 66 cm. Working width ~74cm.
  • 8 tines: tine spacing 77 cm. Working width ~85cm.
  • 9 tines: tine spacing 88 cm. Working width ~96cm.

Aerate the soil without mixing the layers of soil and breaking up the clods

Without digging, or plowing, provided the ideal solution to aerate the soil thus providing air to improve earth quality and the essential microorganisms that live there. Thus, a compact and heavy soil will gradually become more and more fertile due to the combined contributions of air, nutrients, and organic matter carbonized on the surface together with the effect of plants via rhizodeposition decomposition process. The perfect recipe for a natural ecosystem to improve soil fertility !

Thanks to this robust, professional quality tool, working the soil is quicker and simpler than ever. The broadfork is an organic, ecological gardening tool, (sometimes described as a two handled garden fork), which when put to good use, enriches the soil improving the soil organic matter over time.

The broadfork , a practical effective tool which requiring less physical effort than traditional methods thus, helping to preserve the backs of gardeners everywhere, from home through to use in professional market gardens.

Derived from the grelinette, this type of tool is referred to by various names, “grelinette” in french, in english “broadfork”, “broad fork tool” or “U-fork” make it possible to work the soil with little effort. The tool quickly mixes the soil under the surface, whilst at the same time aerating it, eliminating the need for tilling, or turning it over.

The broadfork therefore helps to avoid back pain by avoiding a lot of time digging up the vegetable patch. An effective manual tool which eliminates the need for a rotary tiller.

Toutes les fourches "La PLAisible"

Born from a chance encounter

Since 2015, I have distributed grelinettes from four different manufacturers … However all that changed due to a chance encounter. On March 30, 2018, Aurélie and Nicolas from the Droelloc farm, located in the neighboring town, asked for volunteers to plant 150 trees on the slopes of the farm. Having managed to finish processing orders in the morning, I decided to go and lend a hand to the new owners who I hadn’t yet a chance to meet. As I imagined that it would be necessary to make holes, I took some of my broadforks along with me.

One of the volunteers, an ironsmith who had just moved into town and setup his workshop there, was interested in my tools. Once all the trees had been planted we celebrated the new plantation, and then visited his new workshop. From our first meeting it immediately became clear that we work together.

8 months of development

Having sold broadforks to many professional market gardeners, and receiving their feedback I had an excellent knowledge base the key points that could be improved. Firstly extended metal collars to allow better contact and give added to support the the handles. Secondly a reinforced strong crossbar to allow the tines to be welded correctly to avoid the elongation of their fixing holes. Finally users comments had convinced me that lengthening the tines to 30 cm would improve efficiency of the tool.

This is how this new grelinette was born: “La PLaisible”. This name is based from a mix of 2 french words “Plaisir” and “Possible” meaning “pleasure” and “possible” signifying a sense of responsibility. Because with a tool that respects both man and the earth, the garden remains a possible pleasure for us all.

A hand made tool delivered with quality handles

We use solely dense quality ash handles, ensuring maximum strength perfect match for our robust handmade quality broadforks. For every broadfork sold, a matching pair of handles is hand picked. They are sanded, (by hand to a smooth to the touch finish), and then individually adjusted to size, (by fitting them into our extra long metal collars). Finally we stress test them to ensure they are resistant before removing them and packing for shipping.

commander broadfork

Broadfork for sale, (grelinette “La PLaisible”), with optional arch.

 Broadfork models, classic or arched version with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 forged steel tines.

broadfork with arch or not available starting from 3 tines up to our largest 9 tines model.

For heavily compacted or clay soil, the broadfork user will want to shake the tool from right to left to breakup the clods of soil. This movement requires physical strength. To facilitate this oscillation, we make and arched broadfork version. The arch provides more lift, and thus allows for an exaggerated side movement useful for breaking up those tough clods, or when faced with heavily compacted, or dense soil . A personal remark. The passage of this tool in the soil of your vegetable garden aims to aerate the earth and not to turn it . The use of an arch is therefore not an obligation to obtain an effective result.

I would recommend the version with an arch for land where quack grass or bindweed is present. The arch enables users to raise the earth higher than the classic version, thus leaving the roots as long as possible. Should you need to move a plant the extra leverage provided by the arch makes the task easier.

Broadfork Finish (the finish applied to our ecological digging fork)

Will apply a simple but efficient protection using a mix of linseed oil and turpentine, together with a drying agent, which gives a classy black finish to our broadfork, (grelinette “La PLaisible”). Overtime the tines, and where you place on the crossbar will be protected by an oxide layer. You can with a rag soaked in linseed oil apply a thin refresher coat which will make your broadfork shine like new !

Handles are supplied brut, i.e. unvarnished. You can apply a mixture of 50/50 turpentine and linseed oil, which will help preserve and reinforce your handles for years to come.

You can insert your handles and fix in place with the self tapping stainless steel screws provided with your user instructions. Note : it is advisable not to pre-drill handles as the self tapping screws will screw in easily.

Above all, this is not a broadfork made in the Far East, in China or elsewhere which bends, or worse breaks quickly. Instead its a beautiful quality handcrafted tool forged in steel, made here in Europe, in a small french town located in Brittany in the North West of France.

Benefits of working the soil with a broadfork

The purpose of plowing, tilling or turning is to turn over the uppermost soil, bringing nutrients to the surface whilst burying the weeds and crops that remain to promote decay. However this same process also brings the seeds of weeds to the surface where they will germinate with sunlight and air, which is exactly what we want to avoid !

By using a broadfork, the nutrients are kept in place safely below the surface, the roots of weeds are separated from the soil, so they can simply be raked away without the need to bend down. Last bu not least, the seeds from all those weeds remain below the surface, help preventing them from germinating.

This continued process of aerating the soil with your broadfork, will  over the years improve the quality of your land through the supply of oxygen, which in turn promotes soil life and consequently its fertility.

My personal experience and opinion

I have owned a broadfork since 2008. When we built our green home, (the first ecological home in our area), in 2007 the all the land surrounding the house had been roughed up. The earth also has a high clay content, and is very compact. The broadfork was the only tool I found that I could successfully drive into the ground, standing and dancing on it to help force it into the earth. This allowed me to loosen the soil, dig up large stones and small rocks, and therefore improve the fertility of the soil. In addition I was able to move some of my trees, by losing their roots, and make holes allowing me to relocate them to other areas in my garden. All that with a simple broadfork ! 

Please do not hesitate to show this tool (still largely unknown) to your family, friends and neighbors. Why not even put an advert in your local shops, or perhaps internet sites allowing local people to rent it. A chance too meet other like minded enthusiasts , and perhaps exchange ideas or exchange seeds, whilst maybe earning a little money to recompensate the cost of your investment in this tool.?

Our broadfork in german tv.A clip of Frank Buchholz using our La PLaisible Broadfork,
broadcast on the German TV chanel “WDR”!

Broadfork Prices according to model in our grelinette store

Our broadfork or as we call it “La PLaisible”, is available to purchase in 3 tines, 4 tines, 5 tines in 2 different model types, “CLASSIC” our standard model or “ARCHED” which comes with a built in arch. We also have larger models with 6 tines, 7 tines, 8 tines and our 9 tines versions which are often chosen by professional market gardeners . All of our models can be purchased directly from us in our shop, or from our online grelinette store. Of course our standard 110 mm quality ash handles are included in the selling price. Alternatively you can purchase our longer 120 mm or 130 mm handles as an option.

Attention! As I only work with craftsman, our emphasis is and will continue to be, quality, rather than quantity. Therefore, I urge you not to leave it to the last minute to place an order to avoid disappoint. Of course we do our best to ensure there is sufficient stock but during peak periods this may not always be possible….

How to purchase our broadfork

Our broadforks can be purchased from us directly in Brittany at the PLaisible garden center, or alternatively from our online store

commander broadfork

Note : please note our online store is currently in french, we are currently translating into french and english. Should you need to translate anything we would like to suggest Google translation.


We ship throughout Europe using either Chronopost a partner of the french post office or UPS depending the destination country and shipping weight/dimensions. Orders will be processed as quickly as possible, we will send you a confirmation email once shipped to confirm that your purchase is on route.

Our ecological friendly broadforks are hand forged here in Plougonvelin, a quaint small town located at the tip of Brittany in the North West of France. The tines are 14 mm in diameter, (the thickest on the market), and are 30 cm long, and spaced 11 cm apart. We are confident in stating that this is a very solid, resistant tool which will serve you well for many years without problems.

Tips for purchasing a broadfork “La PLaisible”

The number of tines to choose depends on the type of soil you have the physical strength of the gardener who will use it. In addition whether you are a home owner or a professional market gardener, you should also consider the standard row width of where you intend to use this tool. A valuable time saving tool, built to last for many years, once experienced you will wonder how you ever managed with out one !

Often sought after by retirees who wish to buy an efficient broadfork, however this tool also appeals to young people who are motivated to grow their own vegetables, and at the same time respecting their land the environment. Birthdays, retirements gifts, these are just some of the good reasons to offer this beautiful handcrafted environmentally friendly tool.

Where to buy a broadfork? Why not take a look at our online store

With pleasure please browse our store workshop, if you have the opportunity to make a trip to the tip Breton, or alternatively if your in the area, pop in and test one for yourself. All our models, both CLASSIC and ARCHED can be purchased in store here in Plougonvelin, a quaint small town located at the tip of Brittany in the North West of France, or directly via our online store. Note : we ship to ALL european countries.

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  1. Bonjour,
    Je voudrais acheter une Grelinette, mais vivant au Royaume-Uni ?, je me demande combien de temps UPS prendrait pour la livrer ?
    Sincères amitiés
    Barry Topp
    I would like to buy a Grelinette, but living in the UK ?, I wonder how long UPS would take to deliver it ?
    best regards
    Barry Topp

    1. Bonjour,
      Certains colis ont été livrés en 3 jours par UPS au Royaume-Uni entre le départ d’ici et la livraison, mais l’un d’entre eux a mis une semaine. Cela peut dépendre aussi de la douane.
      Bien cordialement,
      Normally delivery takes 3 days by UPS to the UK, however on one occasion a delivery took 1 week. It may be due to customs controls.
      Best regards,

  2. Good afternoon.

    I received my wonderful new brass Compost, compost aerator.
    Thank you so much it is perfect. I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box and go to work on my compost piles. I had made my own corkscrew aerator but it is nothing compared to yours. I will be sharing your details with my friends and colleagues.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Bonjour,
    Nous venons d’avoir un terrain qui était essentiellement utilisé comme un jardin, du coup avec de l’herbe et quelques arbustes, arbres, fleurs. Le sol est plutôt sableux, pauvre, et assez dur. Nous voulons mettre en place un jardin forêt sur 150-200 m2. Est-ce que vous recommanderiez une grelinette avec 4 ou 5 dents dans ce cas?
    Merci d’avance,
    We’ve just bought a plot of land that was mainly used as a garden, with grass and a few shrubs, trees and flowers. The soil is sandy, poor and quite hard. We want to plant a forest garden on 150-200 m2. Would you recommend a broadfork with 4 or 5 tines in this case?
    Thanks in advance,

  4. Hello, I am about 1.9m tall. What length handle do you recommend? Also, I am not sure how many times to order, and if to request an original one or bowed. Also how do I select the various options on your website?
    I have a large garden and a 2 hectare field to cultivate, with a moderate amount of clay.

  5. Bonjour, je voudrais acheter une grelinette. Est-ce que vous savez comment ça fonctionne à la douane après le Brexit ? J’ai lu des articles où on doit payer l’impôt plus une amende avant que ce qu’on a acheté serait libéré par les autorités britanniques. Est-ce que vous avez reçu du feedback des clients anglais à cet égard ?
    Hello, I would like to buy a broadfork. Do you know how things will work at customs after Brexit? I’ve read articles where you have to pay tax plus a fine before what you’ve bought is released by the UK authorities. Have you received any feedback from UK customers on this?

    1. Hi Plaisible Team
      I am thinking of buying a Broadfork from you, is the 33 mm model dimension the actual digging width ?
      Also will I need to pay uk import taxes ?
      The fork looks really useful for no till gardening
      Many thanks Gerald

      1. Hi Gerald,
        Thank you for your interest in our Broadfork! To answer your question, the 33 cm measurement refers to the spacing for the 4-tine model. However, it’s important to note that when using the grelinette, it effectively works the soil to a wider extent. You can expect it to cultivate the soil over at least an additional 5 cm on each side, bringing the total working width to approximately 45 cm. This makes it an excellent tool for no-till gardening, allowing for efficient soil aeration and minimal disturbance.

        Regarding your query about UK import taxes, I’m pleased to inform you that we sell our products to the UK at tax-free prices. However, as a buyer in the UK, you will be responsible for paying the UK VAT and any applicable import duties upon receiving the product. Since Brexit, the rules for import taxes and VAT have changed, so I would recommend checking the latest regulations on the UK government’s official website or consulting with a customs expert to understand the exact charges you might face.

        We’re glad to hear you find our fork useful for your gardening needs. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

        Best regards,

  6. Hi,
    2 questions. I’m 1,8 m high. Should I buy handles with extra length?
    Second question. I grow flowers professionally. My beds are 90 cm wide. I have a moderate+ heavy clay soil. I consider myself strong but any recommendations as to width of the Broadfork – can I handle the 8 tines arched broadfork or should I rather choose a smaller one and then work my beds 2 times? Looking forward to your reply 🙂

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