La PLaisible broadfork reviews, best users’ words

I never send requests for feedback to customers who have bought a La PLaisible Broadfork from me. Because from a consumer point of view, I don’t like to be asked in detail what my user experience was for any purchase I make. But the spontaneous feedback about our broadfork makes us very happy.

“La PLaisible” broadfork in action

Is this the best Broadfork ? You be the judge as you read these user reviews
Because from time to time I receive some very nice messages of thanks. Sébastien, Barry and I particularly appreciate them, especially when the pace is intense and we are tired. Seeing that our arms are on the verge of tendonitis.

Other reviews of the La PLaisible Broadfork have been left by customers directly on our Facebook page. Thank you, thank you!

So I’m sharing these reviews about our Broadfork on this page.

So I’m sharing these opinions about our unbreakable Broadfork on this page.

Dear Laurent, it is with a little delay but with a lot of heart that I wanted to thank you for this superb Broadfork , of an extraordinary quality. Robust, easy to handle, 5 tines being the perfect size for my plot. We were able to clear 100m2 of bamboo in no time! Living in Germany, the Broadfork is not widely used here. The whole village is amazed by the tool, everyone borrows it from me and praises its merits. I am happy to lend it out because I know it is unbreakable broadfork. The only danger is that it may take a while to come back because once you have worked with it, it is hard to do without.
Thank you and good luck.
Nicolas TARAUD
Bobby Garden Circus Performer

Email message received on 17 November 2020

Nicolas Taraud’ impressive 5-tooth Broadfork (Germany)

Thank you Nicolas for your opinion and this impressive photo

Dear Laurent
The broadfork has arrived. I like well-made useful things.
Thank you very much.
Newton Dee is a community for disabled people with an organic farm and gardens.
Greetings to the beautiful Finistère.
Newton Dee

Michael’s 6-tine Broadfork with 130cm handles – Newton Dee Community (England)

Hi Laurent,
I have received your Broadfork ?
Once again a very big thank you for the service and the quality!
Here is a picture attached and my feedback that you can publish on your website:
The delivery was super fast to Belgium (2 days) and the assembly was very easy thanks to the little guide provided with the Broadfork . The tool corresponds in every way to my expectations in terms of quality (welds, materials). The whole thing is enhanced by a small personalized note, what more could you ask for… Now let’s get to work!
ADAM Julien

Email message received on 16/04/2021

Just received, Julien’s mounted broadfork (Belgium)

Thank you Julien for your testimonial and the picture of your ready-to-use broadfork.

Thank you, thank you for your opinions about our Broadfork La PLaisible. Your messages encourage us. They support us to always offer you quality Broadfork that will last over time.
See the presentation of the La PLaisible grelinette broadfork.

2 thoughts on “La PLaisible broadfork reviews, best users’ words”

  1. Do you have a distributor in North America? I don’t know if your forks function any better than forks available here but they certainly look sexier an that too is important when working in the garden!
    Thank you

    1. Hello James,
      I’m glad you like the design of our broadfork.
      Unfortunately, I don’t have a distributor in America and shipping this size is way too expensive.
      Best regards,

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