70 cm, 80 cm or 100 cm zinc-plated rake

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This professional zinc-plated lawn rake has 44 tines with a slightly curved tip to crush the small clods of earth left after the 17-tine market gardening rake.

Its width of 70cm, 80cm, or 100cm allows you to work the entire width of your bed.
(The 70cm rake is of a lower quality than the 80 and 100cm versions).

Here are the weights without handle of the different versions of the rakes:

the 70 cm weighs 1.120 kilos
the 80 cm weighs 1.340 kilos
the 100 cm weighs 1,700 kilos

The handle is supplied as an option.

Additional information

Width and handle option

70 cm without sleeve, 70 cm with sleeve, 80 cm without sleeve, 80 cm with sleeve, 100 cm without sleeve, 100 cm with sleeve


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