Broadfork “La PLaisible” 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 tines

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Our “La Plaisible” broadfork is made in France with the greatest care. Each grelinette is pampered, each handle is adjusted, then sanded by hand.

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Available in 2 tines to 9 tines (14 mm diameter), with optional bar. The distance between the tines is 11 cm and the effective working depth is 30 cm (between the tip of the tines and the bottom of the horizontal bar).

2 tines: tine spacing 11 cm. Working width ~19cm.
3 tines: tine spacing 22 cm. Working width ~30cm.
4 tines: tine spacing 33 cm. Working width ~41cm.
5 tines: tine spacing 44 cm. Working width ~52cm.
6 tines: tine spacing 55 cm. Working width ~63cm.
7 tines: tine spacing 66 cm. Working width ~74cm.
8 tines: tine spacing 77 cm. Working width ~85cm.
9 tines: tine spacing 88 cm. Working width ~96cm.

The tools are supplied with a linseed oil finish mixed with turpentine and a small amount of drier. This protection will come off as the tool is used.

Supplied with 2 ash handles of ~110 cm which are a little wider in the grip. We can offer ~120 or ~130 cm handles as an option.

Available in the shop to try out or by mail order, shipped by Chronopost or UPS upon confirmation of your order.


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2 tines, 3 tines, 3 tines with arch, 4 tines, 4 tines with arch, 5 tines, 5 tines with arch, 6 tines, 6 tines with arch, 7 tines, 7 tines with arch, 8 tines, 8 tines with arch, 9 tines, 9 tines with arch


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