Brass’compost to aerate your composter


It allows you to decompact, mix, aerate, bury and empty.

The Brass’compost is the best compost aerator for decompacting the compost in your composter. Moreover, it can be used by everyone because it is very easy to put in the compost.



Its 62 cm / 24.41 in lenght allows it to reach deep into the decomposing waste.
Its width of 17 cm / 6.70 in makes it an efficient tool to quickly stir the whole composter if needed.
Its light weight of 1.370 kg / 3.0203 makes it a simple tool for everyone.

Since it stays permanently in the composter, it is always ready to use whenever you want to empty your biobucket or grass clippings basket.

Its progressive spiral keeps the compost in the bottom of the tool when lifted. Simply shake it to spread it over the surface of the composter. It is less heavy and a little more complex than a truck suspension spring.

50 Compost de laitonPreparation of an order of 50 composts from Brass’compost.

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